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We are committed to working hard for the future of Maastricht, and to promoting trust, sustainability and an enjoyable shared life for all its citizens.


Living in Maastricht

Smart housing in a city that where everyone feels at home

As M:OED, we advocate smart, sustainable and future-oriented solutions for housing in Maastricht. The shortage of affordable living spaces continues to grow, which means that new ideas about living are urgently needed. There are several options that M:OED is considering. Combating the high vacancy rate of many buildings in the city, creating residential communities that are inspired by the courtyards of the past and new forms of living such as tiny houses are all solutions to the housing crisis.

The center of Maastricht is attractive due to the combination of old and modern architecture. Unfortunately, there is little space available for affordable housing in this merger. We believe that a different policy should balance this.

Our plans:

Working in Maastricht

A city where young, smart, creative and enterprising people stay and come.

With M:OED we stand for Maastricht as a hub for creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and new ideas. A city that gives everyone the opportunity to get the most out of their life, study and work. Unfortunately, we see many young people and young professionals leave after graduation and few people come to Maastricht for work. We also see that the city is struggling to talk to and listen to its citizens. However, Maastricht can become the city of do-ers, thinkers and pioneers as long as it stimulates and challenges talents to stay and makes them feel at home here. That is why we stand for a municipality that supports talented young people, young professionals and entrepreneurs regardless of education level. A municipality that understands that an open and inclusive society is an essential condition for exploiting the city’s full creative and cultural potential.

Our plans:

Life in Maastricht

A city with diversity and creativity

Art and culture are the essence of interpersonal communication and understanding; they promote personal development and identity formation. Culture helps us understand the ‘new’ and has the potential to build bridges.

Diversity is the core of culture for us. Maastricht presents itself as a ‘cultural’ city, but we only see a certain kind of culture. We regard culture as so much more than the current ‘chic and chic’. To make Maastricht atruly creative and innovative city, we must embrace all forms of culture in our city and respect the ‘freer and alternative’ culture that we also have in the city. We therefore want to encourage and support creativity and new ideas. With the artists themselves, but also with the entire entourage around them.

M:OED therefore advocates a city where experimenting with (new) forms of art is high on the cultural agenda. We believe that the balance between traditional cultural institutions and the experimental arts could be improved. M:OED believes that when these two forms mix, the cultural supply becomes much more diverse. For example, one can think of offering an exhibition or a dance performance on the site of a major event. Different art forms reinforce each other and thus find the desired audience, which increases the sustainability of the art on offer in our city.

Our plans:

Democratic innovation in Maastricht

Using knowledge available in Maastricht

We live in a city with a good university. Maastricht University conducts a lot of research that contributes to solving problems in our society. As M:OED, we believe that this knowledge should be used more for our city. That is why we want the municipality to be open to scientific solutions that benefit local society. This means that we welcome collaboration with Maastricht University. The municipality must take the lead and involve citizens in applying scientific solutions in Maastricht.

Our plans:

Privacy policy M:OED

Here at M:OED (Maastricht: Open Eerlijk Democratisch), we very much care about the privacy of you and your data! Therefore, we had a proper look at legislation policies in the EU, where we are blessed with laws like ‘the right to be forgotten’, in other words, where you as a citizen have much control over your own data.

Below you can see what data we collect, how we store it, with who we share it and how you can inform us if you want your data to be deleted from our administration.

If you have any questions or feedback please drop us a line at welkom@stemvoormoed.nl

Maastricht: Open Eerlijk Democratisch (https://www.stemvoormoed.nl) collects the following data in the following scenarios:

  1. a) When you fill out the membership form: The data you provide (see https://stemvoormoed.nl/en/join/) of which obligatory your
  • First name
  • Surname
  • your street and number
  • your postcode and city
  • your email address
  • your birthday
  1. b) Your anonymised behaviour on the website tracked by Google Analytics.
  2. c) Your data as provided via e-mail contact or business card for a sustainable contact between organizations
  3. d) If you apply for a position within M:OED (Bestuur or Fractie)
  • Your CV and the herein indicated information
  • Your name and Email address

What legal basis does M:OED have for collecting and processing your data? 

  1. a) We use the provided information to register you as a member of M:OED. This data is required to officially put you in our member administration and enable communication with you.
  2. b) We analyse your browsing behavior with Google Analytics (c) to improve our product and get insights into user numbers.
  3. c) To enable a structural communication between us and you as an external organization or interested person
  4. d) To handle your application and evaluate it for a best-possible application procedure

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

  1. a) Our website runs on WordPress. By filling out the feedback or submission form we get a notification in the back end and via email that you have submitted something. So the data is indirectly being shared with WordPress, but will not be shared with anyone else. Only our board, and our developer have access to this infrastructure, who all have signed a privacy statement.
  2. b) We analyse your non person-specific data with Google Analytics. So in that way your data is also shared with Google, but direct analysis is not granted to Google. However, this data cannot be pinpointed to you as a private person and depends on the by you chosen settings in your web browser.
  3. c) No, data received through e-mail communication or business cards will not be shared with third parties.
  4. d) The provided data will be shared with the corresponding selection committee only

How will the information be used?

  1. a) If you enroll as a member, we will store it in our password protected member list and will only be accessed by the board to enable communication with you (be it via email, letter or call).
  2. b) Only for analytical purpose in line with google’s privacy policy
  3. c) If you have been in contact with us, we store the by you provided data in a corresponding private and password protected excel sheet that is only accessible by the board of M:OED
  4. d) The data will only be used to ensure the best possible selection procedure

How long will the data be stored for?

  1. a) Your membership data will be stored as long as you are a member of M:OED. After you have officially terminated your membership, we will only store your first name, surname and e-Mail address to reach out to you for a maximum of twice a year communication, if not requested differently.
  2. b) For a maximum of years according to the privacy regulations of google.
  3. c) As long as we are in contact with you and as long as we deem it necessary for the purpose of our organisation.
  4. d) In case of not having been admitted to the function, we will delete your data within a month after your solicitation. When you have been granted the position that was applied for, we will delete the data within a month of termination of your position.

How do I raise a complaint or provide feedback on this privacy policy?

– Simple! Just send us a mail at: welkom@stemvoormoed.nl !

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