Rik Wagemans

About Rik Wagemans:

Progressive for the creative generation.

In principle It does not matter in which culture or region in the world you look at cities or regions that thrive. All have a number of common denominators that I think are essential for all of us for the current political echelon in Maastricht. Dare to have a real vision on the edge of what is possible, preferably in such a way that people in the beginning think that you are a bit crazy. That way everyone is encouraged to thoroughly think.
Having an open mind to all people and giving them a chance to contribute to plans and dreams of the city. This means courage is required to wanting to understand the thoughts of someone who is far from your reality. Courage to change their culture, ideals faith or identity.
Working on your dreams day and night. This means politics has a human responsibility to constantly think along and to be truly involved in the plans of its citizens and bypassers. Politics is part of a city, a constant oilman, a dream fairy, a nightingale who whistles a good idea, a wonderer for everyone.

I envision a Town Hall as a place where you walk in with a dream and come out with a possibility to create a new reality.

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