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By Bestuur on 14-03-2022

Local young parties call on to vote for the future

Many issues in local politics are of great importance to young people, but young people are under-represented in city councils.
For the municipal elections of March 2022, the local political parties M:OED (Maastricht), Connect (Wageningen), STIP (Delft), and Student & Starter (Utrecht) make a joint appeal to everyone: vote for a young candidate. By doing so, you will contribute to solutions that will make the future of yourself, your children, and your grandchildren more beautiful.

The average age of a city councilor is currently 53, while the average Dutchman is over 10 years younger. About 16% of the population is between 18 and 30 years old, but only 8% of all city councilors are from this age group. Especially in cities, the age of the inhabitants varies greatly with the average age of councilors. The interests of young people are disregarded and the future of our generation is under pressure. That has to change. With fresh energy and new ideas.

Young people have had a hard time in recent years, and the corona crisis, in particular, has hit our generation hard. This has led to an explosion of mental complaints, loneliness, stress, and depression. Until now, the problems of our generation have not been taken seriously and structural solutions have been put off. The need is clear: 1) inequality of opportunity in education is increasing; 2) students have huge debts; 3) there is hardly any access to the housing market; and 4) young people are hit hardest by the climate crisis. In short, it is time for change!

In order to secure the future of current and future generations, the upcoming municipal elections should revolve around only one thing: improving the position of young people. We can achieve this through broad youth representation at the local level, with young people actively participating in politics. After all, who better to represent our generation than ourselves?

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