Robin Bor

About Robin Bor:

For equality-integrity & result-driven

Maastricht is a city with a diverse population, with a variety of ages, ethnicity, education level, employment, and many more. As a Sociologist & Demographer, I advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all, as no one can decide in which cradle he/she/they are born. By engaging in dialogue with individuals, groups, organisations as well as institutions, we can discover the root of the issues and find solutions together. So that all of us can enjoy our vibrant and historic city.

I believe that as the political party M:OED, we should be anticipating the current and future problems, including the housing crisis, discrimination, energy poverty, refugee policy, and the increase in (mental) health problems. I will therefore advocate for that. To do so, I want to expose faulty assumptions and conduct thorough research, always in dialogue with our local residents. I support our open and honest way of communicating through which we want to make politics accessible. That way we can all move forward.

This is what M:OED is for!

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