Nikki Kluskens

About Nikki Kluskens:

Tolerant, asking the questions, eco before ego.

Did you know that in local politics you can really change something? That’s why I’m involved with M:OED. Maastricht is a beautiful city that is both authentic and innovative. That combination is worth its weight in gold. In order to maintain this golden aspect, we need longer-lasting politics. This can be done by linking social, ecological and economic aspects and by better linking different policy areas. What do you need to achieve this? A political environment where people listen to each other, where knowledge and practice are connected and where egos are put aside for the greater good. With M:OED, I want to ensure that Maastricht politics is less of a political game, but that it becomes a platform where people work together intensively to solve problems. Finding a connection, rather than highlighting contradictions. This means that citizens will not only be informed, but will actually be actively involved. Because without input from the citizens of Maastricht, Maastricht politics has no right to exist.

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