Martijn Weyenberg

About Martijn Weyenberg:

Builder – Networker – Pragmatic

Municipal politics has a big influence on daily life in Maastricht, but it does not interest many. This means that change is needed to inform and involve all citizens in order to be able to represent all citizen. Fortunately, the municipality is already taking steps forward in this area. The beauty of M:OED is the great diversity of people and ideas that are working together for Maastricht.

I think it is important that the municipality deals with the challenges of today’s society. The biggest challenges such as social isolation, reintegration and poverty are difficult to see and difficult to solve. These subjects are therefore less likely to be discussed than the incorrectly parked bicycles at the train station. Via M:OED we can ensure that both types of subjects receive attention, especially in relation to their severity. This way we contribute to a better Maastricht for everyone.

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+31 6 19 20 56 24


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