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Social, against the grain, laconic

The first link below refers to a video in which Slavoj Zizek, the enfant terrible of continental philosophy, ironically inverts Marx’ famous eleventh thesis on Feuerbach. Where Marx urged philosophers to start changing the world instead of merely interpreting it, Zizek concludes that “maybe we tried to change the world too quickly. The time is to interpret it again, to start thinking”. A refreshing message in times when we are constantly reminded of our duty to act, and yet it is this message that motivated me to become politically active. I’ve had enough of the militant language used on both sides of the political spectrum and was looking for a new voice. With M:OED I plea for a politics of reflection and challenge people to stop defending their beliefs and start questioning them. Or as Tim Minchin puts it: “be hard on your beliefs – take them out on the veranda and hit them with a cricket bat”. I’m convinced that this attitude can improve the polarised politics in our rapidly changing city, but I’d gladly invite you to my veranda to prove to opposite.

Slavoj Zizek: Don’t Act. Just think.

Tim Minchin: 9 life lessons.


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